Our Poas Volcano tour from San Jose has many highlights along the way, and there is a lot more to this tour than simply the volcano itself. As well as visiting the volcano and the Doka Coffee Estate, there are other stops and points of interest on this day trip that you’ll marvel at and enjoy.

  • Poas Plantations

The slopes of Poas Volcano are rich, fertile, and ideal for the cultivation of plants and crops. For this reason, some of the world’s best coffee is cultivated here, and the aforementioned Doka Estate coffee plantation owes its success to Poas Volcano. As well as the coffee plantation, the higher slopes of Poas are home to plantations of ferns, strawberries, and flowers and these can be seen from the road to Poas. Marvel at the huge leaves of the Gunnera plant (“poor man’s umbrella”) and the 79 species of bird that call Poas National Park home, including the Resplendent Quetzal.

  • Botos Lagoon

Laguna Botos is a lake that occupies an inactive crater of Poas volcano. Situated at the end of a short hiking trail in the cloud forest, this crater last erupted almost ten thousand years ago. The water of the lake is clear and very cold, and the lagoon provides very beautiful photo opportunities.

  • Sarchi

This quaint and charming town is a stop on our Poas Volcano day trip. Lying at an elevation of about 1000 metres (3000ft), it is 46km from San Jose. It is a famous Costa Rican hub for artisans and is a fantastic place to pick up authentic handcrafted souvenirs. It is renowned for its ornate, decorative and colourful oxcarts, which have been crafted there for over one hundred years. Purchase everything from handcrafted ornate wooden bowls to furniture, masks, jewelry, miniature oxcarts, and more. Also see the unique two-tiered church Iglesia de Sarchi, which is painted pink and blue.

Poas Volcano is widely considered to be the most accessible volcano worldwide, fewer than two hours’ drive from San Jose and with a paved road to the crater. Our day trip offers a beautiful insight into not just the Poas Volcano, but the area around it and a taste of the true heart of Costa Rica.

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