Part of your Poas Volcano Tour with Costa Rica Volcanoes is a coffee tour on the Doka Estate. After you’ve experienced the breathtaking active Poas volcano itself, with its lunar landscape, blue Crater Lake, cloud forests, and the potential to see steaming fumaroles and erupting geysers, you’ll descend the volcano to the Doka Estate where you’ll learn about the coffee industry that thrives thanks to the volcano’s fertile slopes.

Costa Rica is renowned for its world-class coffee, and 90% of the coffee produced in Costa Rica is exported. The Doka Estate has been a working coffee farm on the slopes of the Poas Volcano since 1908. Family-owned, it is operated by the Vargas family, who have been growing and harvesting coffee beans here for over a century.

To this day, the farm uses the original watermill, which was imported from England in order to provide power to its processing plant. This watermill was recently designated as an architectural and historical heritage site by the government of Costa Rica as the Oldest Wet Mill of Costa Rica (UNESCO 2014)

During your coffee tour, you’ll learn about the journey of coffee from bean to cup – and complete your tour in the Cafe Tres Generaciones where you’ll experience the roasting process and sample some of the coffee blends the plantation produces, from bold to smooth and organic, and even including decaffeinated varieties of coffee.

The tour includes:

  • Seedling Station – explore the step-by-step process of seed germination, as well as the estate’s history, the geography of the region, and why Poas Volcano is such a fertile ground for coffee production.
  • Coffee Plantation – discover harvesting times, who does the work, the type of coffee crop and its characteristics, and the natural methods of coffee crop production used by the estate. Visit the wet mill and learn about the stages of the bean harvesting process (separation, peeling, fermentation, drying).
  • Roasting Room – experience the taste, texture and aroma of Doka Estate Coffee for yourself, as well as Doka Estate Chocolates. The gift store offers the opportunity to purchase coffee, chocolates, liquors, art, and local souvenirs.

The Poas Volcano Tour from San Jose is a fantastic day trip and a must for lovers of nature and coffee. Book your Poas Volcano Tour with us today!