Costa Rica is a stunningly beautiful country in Central America, nestled between Nicaragua, Panama, the Pacific Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea. Among its many impressive tourist attractions are no fewer than sixty-five volcanoes – six of which have been active within the last seventy-five years.

Poas Volcano National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica’s Central Valley. One of the largest active volcanoes in the world, Poas Volcano is the most accessible active volcano in Costa Rica; it has three craters, only one of which is active. It has two crater lakes as well as active fumaroles, geysers, and sulphuric emissions. Laguna Caliente, the boiling north lake in the active crater, is among the most acidic in the world; by contrast, the southern Lake Botos is a clear, cold lake in a dormant crater and surrounded by forest.
On a clear day, the views from Poas Volcano’s summit are spectacular.
Poas Volcano Eruptions
The Lake Botos crater of Poas Volcano last erupted in 7500BC – almost ten thousand years ago. The Lake Caliente crater, however, remains very active. Having erupted forty times since 1828, Poas Volcano erupted most recently in April 2017. This significant eruption required evacuation of tourists as well as local residents, and temporary closure of the Park to visitors.
Much work has been required to make the Park safe for visitors in the aftermath of the eruption. Part of this has been the upgrading and construction of five safety shelters at the crater. Similar to small bunkers, these shelters are similar to those located in Japan, Mexico, Italy and Indonesia. Poas Volcano is the eighth in the world and the first in Central America to have an innovative risk management system in place for future eruptions. Additionally, safety is enhanced now with real-time gas monitoring and protective equipment provided for visitor use.
The Poas Volcano National Park reopened to visitors on September 1, 2018. In its first three days since reopening, the Poas Volcano National Park welcomed more than 1500 visitors.
At this stage there is limited access to the crater observation area – as of this writing, trails to Lake Botos and the visitor centre museum remain closed, as do picnic areas. Access to the National Park is limited to fifty guests at a time – and tickets to visit must be purchased prior. Your best option is to visit this magnificent attraction with a guided tour.
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