ARENAL Volcano Tour

Arenal Volcano Dusk

Arenal Volcano and Hot springs

You will be picked up at your hotel in San Jose or surroundings early in the morning between 6 am and 7 am. We will take the Interamerican highway westbound towards the town of San Ramon in Alajuela. After around an hour into our journey we will make a breakfast stop to enjoy the traditional “Gallo Pinto” and a good cup of coffee!!

At around 11 am we will arrive at the Arenal Volcano National Park, where you will have an incredible view of its perfectly coned shape crater and with a little luck we will hear rumble, and see ash and rock eruptions, here you will have some time to walk on the park´s lava trails and even get closer to the volcano.

After a great lunch we will head towards the Arenal Lake, on its way we can see a lot of the local wildlife, from monkeys, iguanas, slots to different birds and insects.

Now after a day of hiking and walking, we take time to relax at the Arenal Hot Springs, due to the geothermal activity of the volcano there are several natural hot springs in the area, the waters are warm and soothing carrying revitalizing minerals from the deeps of the volcano, the perfect way to put and end to an awesome Arenal Volcano Tour!

Tour Details

Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

Price: $125 USD per person.

Duration: 12 to 14 Hours

Included: Transportation, bilingual guide, snacks, volcano entrance fee, Hot Springs entrance fee, breakfast and lunch.

Places visited: Arenal Volcano National Park, Arenal Lake and Baldi Hot springs.

What to bring: Sunglasses, sunblock cream, comfortable shoes, camera, rain jacket, shorts and swimming suit.

Arenal Volcano View

Arenal Volcano information

Located in the Alajuela province in La Fortuna area, Arenal is the volcano with more activity in the country and temperature ranges from 60 F° to 80 F°. Its last important eruption came before 600 years of inactivity on July 29th 1968, there was a huge explosion causing the towns of Pueblo Nuevo and Tabacon to vanish from the face of the earth and to create 3 new craters. The towns were on the border of Arenal Mountain, not known by its inhabitants that they were sleeping next to a dormant volcano. Ever since the volcano has kept active spitting gases, rocks, water steam and hot lava, seen mainly during the night at the top of the crater. During the day the booms of small explosions can be heard, making it one of the most exciting volcanoes to visit.