One stop on our popular Arenal Volcano Tour in Costa Rica is a visit to the Arenal Hot Springs.

Arenal Volcano is one of the top tourist attractions in Costa Rica, and the region has what is widely considered to be the best infrastructure for tourism in the entire country. It only ceased erupting in 2010 (though it remains very active), after forty-two years of continuous activity. With a perfect conical shape typical of the common image of a volcano, and hot vapor constantly venting from its summit, it is a sight that inspires awe and admiration.

Among the greatest attractions in the vicinity of the Arenal volcano, aside from the volcano itself, are the hot springs for which the volcano is responsible.

The Arenal Volcanic Aquifer

The Arenal volcanic aquifer is huge – up to one kilometer (more than half a mile) deep and eight hundred meters (half a mile) wide. This enormous subterranean reservoir of water is heated by the thermal activity inside the volcano, and the hot water which feeds the springs rises naturally.

How does it work?

When rainwater falls onto the porous volcanic rock, it enters through the rock and reaches very high-temperature rock underground. This underground rock is non-porous. The water is heated by the volcano and very hot water with steam is created, and this needs to escape. Gravity works to release this hot water in a downhill flow, resulting in the hot springs which are situated at various points around the base of the volcano.

Thanks to pumps, pipes, and wells, there are various resorts dotted at the base of Arenal Volcano which tap into these hot springs.

Arenal Hot Springs

The hot pools and springs range in temperature, generally from 37C (99F) to 41C (106F) in temperature. There are many therapeutic benefits to be had from relaxing in these hot springs. The waters are rich in the minerals sodium, magnesium, potassium, sulfates, chlorides, and carbonates. These are absorbed by the skin and can work as effective painkillers, relaxants, and detoxifiers. Those who suffer from dermatitis, eczema, arthritis, rheumatism, and cramping can experience significant relief from their symptoms. There is nothing more relaxing than spending time in these hot springs.

There are numerous Arenal Hot Springs locations, including:

  • Tabacon Hot Springs
  • Eco Termales
  • Baldi Hot Springs
  • Los Laureles
  • Kalambu Hot Springs Water Park
  • Paradise Hot Springs
  • Los Lagos Hot Springs
  • Rio Tabacon/Rio Chollin – FREE!

In a nation that boasts at least five active volcanoes, volcanic springs are an understandably popular tourist attraction. When you book to join our Arenal Volcano Tour, you’ll not only experience the best the Arenal volcano itself has to offer, but also the beautiful Arenal Hot Springs. Contact us today to book your place!